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Building partnership!

Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Basic principles


Basic principles


What can I apply for?

The Programme consists of four priority axes. Each axis responds to the opportunities and challenges identified in the Slovak-Hungarian border region. Each project will be approved under a single priority axis and have to contribute to one of the Special objective of the given PA. All relevant information regarding the programme goals is written in the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme document.

The special objectives can be reached through supported actions. Please check the map of supported actions to choose the proper Priority Axis for your project.

What if my project idea does not fit in the indicative list of supported actions?

The indicative list of supported actions serves as a guideline for project generation. First, your project idea must fit to the specific objective and your results must contribute to the result indicator of the specific objective. On the other hand your outputs have to contribute to at least one of the output indicators of the specific objective. You can find comprehensive information about each Priority axis here:

How do I know that my project's activity falls under the State Aid rule?

State aid is an advantage given on a selective basis to undertakings. Your organization is considered to be an undertaking if it’s carrying on economic activity, regardless of its legal status and the way of financing. This means that even a municipality can be an undertaking if it performs economic activity. In order to know whether your project falls under state aid rules please go through the following chart and answer the questions.

Who can apply for grant?

Eligible applicants have to be registered or have to have a branch office in the Programme area. You may find the map of eligible counties here

Can the Small and medium enterprises (SME) apply for grant?

In the 1st Call for Proposal there is no possibility for SMEs to apply. You may find the indicative list of eligible Applicants according to Priority Axes here.

What if my type of organization is not on the indicative list?

Applicants have to fit into legal criteria described in the Applicants’ Manual (Chapter: Eligible Applicants). Please see the Infochart indicating eligible applicants according to legal criteria.

What is Partnership?

Projects must be implemented through a cooperation of Slovak and Hungarian organizations. The minimum requirement for this partnership is to have at least one Slovak and one Hungarian partner. The partnership requirement is automatically fulfilled by the European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC).

How many of us should create a partnership?

There is no maximum limit for the number of partners in a project, however - according to our experiences - in extremely wide partnerships the cohesion is often not strong enough and the joint management and reporting is difficult.

What is Lead beneficiary principle?

The partners in the project must nominate one of them as Lead Beneficiary, who will bear the responsibilities of the implementation and will represent the whole project towards the programme authorities. You may read the general duties of the Lead Beneficiary in the Applicants’ Manual (Chapter: Partnership requirements). The Applicants' manual is published as part of the Application package when the Call is launched.

Who are the programme authorities?

You can read more about the Management structure here.

What are the criteria of cooperation? 

Project partners can cooperate in four fields during the lifecycle of the project:

  • The project partners shall jointly plan and develop the project (Joint development).
  • The partners are jointly responsible for the implementation of the project by carrying out separate core activities (Joint implementation).
  • All project partners provide staff to manage their own project activities (Joint staffing).
  • All partners must have at least 5% of the project budget (Joint financing).

Project partners are required to cooperate in at least three of these criteria. The first two fields are obligatory for all projects; the third can be either cooperation in the staffing or in the financing of the project. Beneficiaries are of course free to cooperate in all four areas.

What is the minimum and maximum size of a project?

The minimum and maximum amount of the eligible expenditures varies according to the specific objectives. You may find the exact limits of the total budget in the Applicants’ Manual (Chapter: Eligibility of expenditures). The Applicants' manual is published as part of the Application package when the Call is launched.

What is the rate of the support?

As a general rule 85% ERDF contribution can be awarded to each partner along with 10% national state contribution. Project partners are obliged to complete the support with 5% own contribution. The rate of support can differ according to the type of the beneficiary organization. You may find other forms of finance in the Applicants’ Manual (Chapter: Eligibility of expenditures). The Applicants' manual is published as part of the Application package when the Call is launched.

What if I have a different question not mentioned in the FAQ?

The Joint Secretariat will continuously update this section according to new information and questions raised by potential applicants. If you did not find answer to your question, please send an e-mail to the Secretariat and we will answer as soon as possible.

How to get more information about the 1st Call for proposals?

If you are seated in Slovakia you can contact one of the three Info Points, who are responsible to give up-to-date information about the Programme and to provide consultancy on your project idea. Please find the contact information of the Info Points here. In case you would like to receive electronic information please subscribe on our newsletter in the footnote section of our webpage. Newsletters will give you quick and fresh information from time to time about our possibilities.

All potential applicants can contact the Joint Secretariat any time through our e-mail address or on the phone during working hours. Personal consultations are also available upon request. Please find our contact details here.