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Building partnership!

Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Castle to castle

  • AcronymCtoC
  • Call IDSKHU/1601
  • Priority AxisProtecting natural and cultural heritage
  • Specific objective1.1 To increase the attractiveness of the border area
  • Registration No.SKHU/1601/1.1/206
  • Total Project budget2,733,242.21 €
  • Total ERDF awarded2,323,255.86 €
  • Project start date 1 March 2018
  • Project end date29 February 2020
  • Project statusRunning

Regéc, Streda nad Bodrogom, Veľký Kamenec, Veľká Ida – on the imaginary route between the settlements, running from castle to castles, some legendary figures of our history create a link between memories of the built past and tourists of the present. Regéc, where Ferenc Rákóczi II. grew up, and a central location of the kuruc battles. Streda nad Bodrogom, where Lajos Kossuth started his career. Veľká Ida, where the estate of the historic Csáky family is located. Veľký Kamenec, as the place of many historic events of Zemplén county including major battles. The row of castle to castles, however, are often in a state of neglect or only partially renovated, and the exhibitions of novel content and form that would be attractive to visitors, as well as the necessary publicity, are missing. In each of the settlements in the border region participating in the partnership problems include loss of population due to migration and the scarcity of local employment opportunities. A common challenge and also an opportunity for the settlements is to renew and present these inherited cultural and natural values in a way that they become more attractive as part of a border-region circuit tour for tourism: by attracting visitors to a “fortress and castle” tour of several days, this can contribute to increasing the number of visitors, and thereby strengthen the economic potential. The direct aim of the project is the reconstruction of cultural heritage sites on the settlements concerned: the authentic reconstruction of the palace wing of the fortress of Regéc, the development of the castle in Streda nad Bodrogom and Veľká Ida, creating interactive exhibition and leisure spaces, as well as the development of the infrastructure for bicycle tourism in the region. The development also contributes to the keeping of the local communities, strengthening their self-consciousness, finding out more about the border regions, as well as strengthening natural and cultural tourism.


Lead Beneficiary / ERDF awarded

Regéc Község Önkormányzata

Regéc, Fő út 47. 3893

1,602,672.30 €

Beneficiary 1 / ERDF awarded

Obec Streda nad Bodrogom

Streda nad Bodrogom, Hlavná 174/391 076 31

296,901.79 €

Beneficiary 2 / ERDF awarded

Veľký Kamenec

Veľký Kamenec, Veľký Kamenec 255 076 36

14,924.99 €

Beneficiary 3 / ERDF awarded

Veľká Ida

Veľká Ida, Veľká Ida 42 044 55

408,756.78 €

Locations of investment


Regéc, Várhegy

Streda nad Bodrogom

Hlavná 391/174, 076 31 Streda nad Bodrogom

Veľký Kamenec

Veľký Kamenec 255, 076 36 Veľký Kamenec,

Veľká Ida

Veľká Ida 42, 044 55 Veľká Ida