Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Press conference - 2022/12/12 10:00

Research on the effectiveness of the use of robot-assisted rehabilitation in the treatment of patients


Journalists will be provided with information on:

• The Robot-Assisted Rehabilitation project obtained by UPJŠ in Košice and UNLP Košice in partnership with the National Institute for Musculoskeletal Diseases in Budapest as part of a call from the Interreg V-A Slovakia - Hungary program

• Use of devices for scientific research and their practical significance for patients

• Cross-border cooperation of the Department of Physiatry, Balneology and Medical Rehabilitation of the Medical Faculty of UPJŠ and the L. Pasteur University Hospital in Košice with the National Institute for Diseases of the Locomotor System in Budapest

• Program of the conference on robotically assisted rehabilitation on 14.12.2022

Professional interpretation as well as illustrative demonstrations of patient therapy with physiotherapists will be presented to the media.

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