Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Robotic-assisted rehabilitation conference - 2022/12/14 11:00

Final conference, where robotic devices & results of research on the effectiveness of use of robot-assisted rehabilitation in the treatment of patients in practice of both partners will be presented.


The introduction of the conference will be opened by Gábor Fazekas, Krisztina Sándor, Brigitta Mirk with information about developments in robotized and other types of computerized interactive therapies and contribution of the program Interreg V-A Slovakia in Hungary. Peter Takáč and Gábor Fazekas, representatives of two partners in the project will present benefits of their partnership in the project "Robot - Assisted Rehabilitation". The first part will be closed by Anna Kubincová and Peter Takáč with objectifying robot-assisted rehabilitation's outcomes.

After the lunch in the second part of the conference, robotic devices Andago, ArmeoSpring, Omego, Pablo, Tyrostation and Tymo and experience with rehabilitation on robotic devices mentioned above will be presented by physiotherapists and representatives of UPJŠ in Košice in co-operation with UNLP Košice and OMINT (National Institute of Locomotor Diseases and Disabilities in Budapest).

Case report presentation of rehabilitation using the Armeo Spring device will be part of the conference presented by Anna Kubincová, Peter Takáč and Adriana Filková.

Evaluation of robotically assisted rehabilitation by healthcare professionals, comparison of results in Hungary and Slovakia will close the official part of the conference.

At the end after the coffee break, there will be space for the closing remarks of the conference.

The conference will be held in English with no translation provided.




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