Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Water Family Day in Ipolytölgyes - 2019/08/03

  • Date:
  • Location: Ipolytölgyes, kikötő, 17,2 folyamkilóméter
  • Project acronym: Rowing in one river
  • Project registration number: SKHU/1601/1.1/160
  • Event organized by: Ipoly-Táj Területfejlesztési Társulás and Ipolytölgyes Község Önkormányzata
  • Contact person: Radnai Bertalan, mayor
  • Phone number: +36 30 99 24 900
  • E-mail address:
  • Language of event: Hungarian
  • Interpretation: yes
  • Registration is needed: no

On August 3, Saturday in Ipolytölgyes we provide opportunity to try water sports and facilities, individual rowing or guided tours for the habitants of Ipolytölgyes, Kiskeszi and the neighbourhood.


The Water Family Day will be held next to Ipolytölgyes village, on the saftiest part of the Ipoly river. Here the bed of the river is evenly deep and sandy. The depth of water is between 40 to 80 cm during the summertime.
The location is accessible by car, but if you arrive by public transport the riverside is only a nine hundred meters away from the bus station.
Here you can get on board from a stable dock. For those who want to try the SUP this shallow and mudless part of the river is ideal. To get knowledge and good adventure well experienced persons help to the intrested ones. In case of need we provide english, german and slovakian translation.
To the Family Day the habitants of Ipolytölgyes and its neighbourhood and the surrounding slovakian villages get invitations. We share the invitation on Facebook and the official web page of Ipolytölgyes, because the event is public and we welcome everone who is intrested.

Thanks to the ' Rowing in one river' project the Municipality of Ipolytölgyes ownes two-, three- and four-persons canoes, and one- and two-perons kayaks. For this event the visitors can even try the SUP.

For those who want maximum safety we recommend the electric motorboat which is recieved by the project.
In Ipolytölgyes we gained big experience to involve disabled people to rowing because of the Home for Multiply Disabled facility located near to the river. On the Family Day you can try the kayak-catamaran what we developed for making this activity easier.
Those who want to paddle up on the river can go to the next weir which is one kilometer away from the location of the Family Day.
We provide a colorful program with competitions and game shows.
On the Family Day we give informations about the services and infrasturctural developments of the 'Rowing in One River'. To increase the water tourism of the Ipoly we add trekking bicycle renting opportunity at the dock points. On the Family Day we also present these trekking bicycles.

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