Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Water family day on Robinson Islands and 2. Robinson Cross-country running - 2019/08/10

  • Date:
  • Location: 3170 Szécsény külterület, HRSZ.: 0328/46
  • Project acronym: Rowing in on river
  • Project registration number: SKHU/1601/1.1/160
  • Event organized by: Nógrádi Vízivilág Egyesület és az Ipoly-Táj Területfejlesztési Társulás
  • Contact person: Hasznosi Márk
  • Phone number: +36-70/327-0757
  • E-mail address:
  • Language of event: Hungarian
  • Interpretation: yes
  • Registration is needed: no

On August 10, Saturday, 2019 in Robinson-island we provide opportunity to try water sports and facilities, individual rowing or guided tours for the habitants of Szécsény and neighbourhood.


The SHU/1601/1.1/160 Rowing in one river titled project’s next public event is Water family day and the second Robinson cross-country running. Durng the event the visitors will have the opportunity to spend and unforgettable day on the area of the Robinson Islands.
The Robinson Island is situated on the “Natura 2000”area which has unique flora and fauna and the surrounding area also has special parts.
As the result of the work of the last decades it possesses a complete guest-friendly infrastructure thus it ensures the opportunity to relax and recreate on a quiet environment away from the noisy days.

On the backwater of the Robinson Islands the braver visitors can paddle a kayak or a canoe on the closer part of the Ipoly River, they can ride a bike on the minor roads next to the Ipoly River even to the other side of the border crossing the Katalin Bridge in Pősténypuszta.
The visitors will get information about the different types of caoes, what to do to eliminate dangerous situations or if a canoe capsizes. Everybody will get a life-jacket, capsizing has little chance. On the inner backwater and lakes individually, in pairs or families can learn how to paddle and steer the canoe. There will be different challenges for children. In the second half of the programme the more skillful ones can test themselves on the Ipoly River. The programme will be secured by trained crew.
The Robinson Islands, the Ipoly River and the surrounding area can be discovered by bikes and its flora and fauna can be learnt.
The bravest visitors can test themselves and run cross country in the area of the adventure park and the Islands which includes many challenging obstacles.
Running is not only for runners because the track is full of obstacles which offers opportunity to take part for every age group.
Visitors who are interested in the fauna of the Ipoly River can do a test and learn new things about the animals and plants of the River.
Beyond the tests there will be opportunity to learn about species which are peculiar to the Ipoly River and significant from the point of view of environment protection. Species which can be found in water, their habitat are dealt with more attention. We will concentrate on how different animals adapted to human presence.
Those who are interested can learn basics about fishing with the help of demonstrations and they can try fishing on the backwater of the Ipoly River.
In the meantime the little ones can test themselves on the playgrounds of the Islands where they can develop their own skills.
Our goal for all the visitors is to be enriched with new experiences, to get to know the opportunities of active relaxation near the Ipoly River and to return back some time.
Visitors are expected mainly from the towns and villages near the Ipoly River, including the nearby settlements of Slovakia

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