Building partnership!


Building partnership!

1. non-competitive targeted call for proposals in the Interreg HUSK Programme

Duration of the call: 27 January 2023 – 24 February 2023

List of approved projects within HUSK-2301 Call forproposals

The HUSK Joint Secretariat (JS) of the Programme on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary as Managing Authority (MA) and the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic as National Authority (NA) launches a non-competitive targeted call for proposals under the following actions:

  • Action 3.1.1 – Eliminating border obstacles
  • Action 3.2.1 – Small project fund

In case of Action 3.1.1, Member States submitted an operation of strategic importance within the Programme document. Basic principles of the operation were elaborated in close cooperation with the Central European Service for Cross-border Initiatives (CESCI) private-law association in Hungary and its partner CESCI Carpathia private-law association in Slovakia. In order to ensure the operation’s professional and timely implementation the present Call is targeted to the CESCI and CESCI Carpathia associations.

In case of action 3.2.1, the circle of eligible applicants is targeted to European Groupings for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC). EGTCs can be eligible if they possess relevant experience in management of Small project funds from the 2014-2020 period in the programme area. In order to ensure the professional and timely implementation of the Small project fund in the current period, the present Call is targeted to the Rába-Duna-Vág EGTC and the Via Carpatia EGTC as management bodies of the Small project fund in the Interreg V-A Cooperation Programme.

Each applicant has to fulfil all formal and eligibility criteria described in the present call and submit an application in the prescribed format until Friday, 24 February 2023. Please find the detailed Application package below. 

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15 February 2023
15 February 2023