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Building partnership!





ERDF Subsidy contract       National co-financing contracts

ERDF Subsidy contract

I received a notification letter from the Managing Authority on the approval of my project. What shall I do now? 

Each Lead Beneficiary of the approved project proposal receives a notification letter from the Managing Authority, which states the decision of the Monitoring Committee, the maximum amount of financial support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the list of the documents that you must submit in order to conclude the subsidy contract. The letter may also contain other conditions that shall be fulfilled for contracting.

First, the statutory representative of the contact person of the Lead beneficiary shall contact the designated programme manager who will ask the project stakeholders to participate on personal consultation before contracting. 

Who is my designated programme manager?

You can find the contact data of your designated programme manager in the notification letter or on our website. 

How will this personal consultation happen?

The consultation is obligatory in case of each approved project. The partnership can be represented by the relevant person (statutory member, contact person or project manager) of the Lead beneficiary or/and by maximum one person from each Beneficiary. In special cases – according to agreement with the designated programme manager – additional experts can be invited as well (e.g. technical supervisor, external expert etc.). The consultation shall take place within 45 days after the receipt of the notification letter of the Managing Authority. 

What is the topic of this consultation?

  • Overall discussion about the project
  • Activities and tangible outcomes
  • Budget
  • Indicators
  • Contact data
  • Any other issues

What is the outcome of this consultation? 

The Application form shall be revised, updated and finalized jointly with the designated programme manager in the Joint Secretariat. The finalized Application form will serve as an Annex of the Subsidy Contract.

What does it mean if there are conditions set to my projects? 

If your project is approved with conditions it means that you have to prepare an answer to these comments or conditions and send it back to the designated programme manager until the set deadline. 
If you fail to reply in time the set conditions and comments will become definite and you will not be entitled to intervene into them later on. You will be obliged to implement your project with these conditions and comments. 

What else shall I do?

Parallel the clarification process you have to start collecting the documents requested for contracting, and submit them until the given deadline. The contracting phase will be managed between the Lead Beneficiary and the Joint Secretariat of the Programme. However, some of the documents must be collected by the Project Partners. These documents, though, shall be forwarded to the JS by the Lead Beneficiary. 

Remember that the LB takes all responsibility for the project. It also means that the LB is responsible for all the partners in the projects. 

How shall we manage this responsibility issue among the partners? 

The JS have elaborated a Partnership Agreement template, which from legal point of view includes all the main points that should be addressed by the partners. This template is available at the bottom of this website. You are free to use it. You can modify this template as it is the most suitable for your partnership. 

Why is the approved ERDF amount lower than I requested in the application? 

It may have several reasons why the maximum approved ERDF amount is lower than you requested in the application. It is possible that some parts of your project were not relevant for the given specific objective, the duration of the project was decreased, the proposed expenditures were not necessary for the overall success of the project or some expenditures were not in line with the rules set in Guide on eligible expenditures. 

What if I would like to change the revised project budget? 

The Beneficiaries will have the chance to rearrange the maximum approved ERDF support based on the needs of the project. However, you cannot exceed the approved amount of ERDF stated in the notification letter. The discussion about the budget will take place during the personal consultation with the designated programme manager of your project. 

Documents requested for contracting

What are the documents requested to submit for contracting? 

Relevant for the Lead Beneficiary:

  • Signed Partnership Agreement (3 original copies in English language);
  • Data of the separate EUR bank account opened by the LB for the purposes of the project (national language);
  • Copy of specimen of signature of statutory representative of the Lead Beneficiary (national language);
  • Information on Lead Beneficiary contact person data changes if relevant.

Relevant for all Hungarian and Slovak Beneficiaries:

  • Valid building permits if relevant (national language);
  • Valid Environmental Impact Assessment if relevant (national language);
  • Original declarations of the Lead Beneficiary and the Beneficiaries, certified by the legally authorized representative, concerning the current non-existence of the reasons for exclusion (listed in the Chapter 1.4 of the Applicant’s manual). Template is available at the botom of this page. 

What is the deadline to submit the valid building permissions? 

You have to send the permissions latest in three months after the receipt of the notifying letter of the Managing Authority.

Where should I send the documents for contracting? 

Széchenyi Programme Office Nonprofit Ltd.
Interreg SKHU Joint Secretariat
H-1053 Budapest
Szép u. 2., IV. emelet

What is the deadline to send the documents for contracting? 

You have 45 days to post these documents after the receipt of the notifying letter of the Managing Authority. 

What happens if we don’t send the documents in time? 

If the documents are not posted within the deadline, the JS cannot start the contracting procedure with your project, thus it will not receive any support from the Programme. 

If there is missing document in the package or something is not correct is there a possibility to complete the package? 

Yes, you will have one opportunity to complete and finalize the documents requested for contracting latest within 15 days of the email notification of the JS. 

Where can I find the subsidy contract template? 

You can download the template of the subsidy contract at the bottom of this page. 

Is there Slovak and Hungarian translation for the subsidy contract?

No, there isn’t. 


National co-financing contracts


Slovak national co-financing contract


The provider of national co-financing from the state budget in Slovakia is the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter also MIRDI of SR). After the Subsidy Contract (hereinafter also SC) comes into force, the National co-financing contract for each project is signed on the national level. If the Lead Beneficiary (hereinafter also LB) is not organisation registered on the territory of Slovakia all project partners from Slovakia select one organisation to play the role of the main cross-border beneficiary (hereinafter also MCB). The LB/MCB signs the national co-financing contract prepared by the MIRDI of SR which includes national co-financing for all project partners from Slovakia. If the Lead Beneficiary of the project is organisation registered in Slovakia, the LB automatically acts in the role of the MCB.

The LB (or MCB) is asked by the MIRDI of SR to submit the documents necessary for concluding the national co-financing contract. The complete list of documents to be submitted is included in letter addressed to the LB (or MCB). Among other documents, it is necessary to submit declaration of project partner representative/s as well as declaration on public sector partners. The templates of declarations to be used as well as information to which organisations the registration obligation applies and the details of registration process are available in the documents below.

Slovak national co-financing contract documents