Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Cross-border HU-SK virtual tours

  • AcronymCBC Tours
  • Call IDSKHU/1801
  • Priority AxisProtecting natural and cultural heritage
  • Specific objective1.1 To increase the attractiveness of the border area
  • Registration No.SKHU/1801/1.1/001
  • Total Project budget377,894.00 €
  • Total ERDF awarded321,209.00 €
  • Project start date 1 June 2019
  • Project end date30 November 2020
  • Websitehttp://cbctours.com/
  • Project statusClosed

The common challenge is to increase the attractiveness of HU BAZ county and SK Košice self-governing (KSK) region by improving visibility of cultural, natural, historical and business assets of the regions on the Internet. Novitech SK, One PR HU and Intellexi HU SMEs will co-operate and further develop an already existing virtual reality integrated tourism platform in order to have a dedicated subsystem tailored to the SK-HU border regions, add new features as innovation and create an application as well with the purpose of increasing the attractiveness of the border area in order to support the sustainability of the local economy and to increase the economic cohesion and increase the number of visitors in the area. The overall objective is to provide visitors of the region with real-time and interactive visual information about relevant Point of Interest (POI) in the border regions. It will be achieved by a 3D scanning of tourism sites and business, like accommodations, region-specific gift and product shops with the option to see inside with interactive metainfo in the foreground of the visual content (i.e. restaurant menu, opening hours). These 3D panoramas will be connected to walking 3D virtual tours which can be downloaded to visitors smartphone from the QR posts located in the border crossing and/or at tourist sites. The increased visibility service will motivate visitors to plan their trip from home and also get instant geographical and service availability orientation during their trip in the region. Outputs: (A) 3D Content of 200 POIs in each region (B) QR posts and flyers to download tours selected by the visitor around the place of visited region or in the region, (C) Thematic mobile map with zooming to 10 microregions: what to see and buy, where to stay, events, promotions and how to network with the citizens, institutions and businesses. (D) short audiovisual promotion tool about 8 places in KSK and BAZ region supported by various stakeholders.


Lead Beneficiary / ERDF awarded

Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Megye Területfejlesztési és Környezetgazdálkodási Ügynökség Nonprofit Kft.

4400 Nyíregyháza, Benczúr tér 7.


29,030.00 €

Beneficiary 1 / ERDF awarded

Novitech a.s.

040 01 Bratislava, Moyzesova 58.


89,845.00 €

Beneficiary 2 / ERDF awarded

One PR Tanácsadó Kft.

2451 Ercsi, Rákóczi út 62.


87,125.00 €

Beneficiary 3 / ERDF awarded

Intellexi Kft.

1027 Budapest, Kapás utca 48-50. 3. em. 5.


115,209.00 €


CBC Tours Online Project Closing Event - 2020/11/26 13:00

CBC Tours Online Public Project Closing Event

  • Location: Zoom
  • Project acronym: CBC Tours
  • Project registration number: SKHU/1801/1.1/001
  • Website: http://cbctours.com/
  • GPS coordinates: https://zoom.us/j/98940870300?pwd=V3FEZ3pXVitiQld0MiswaitEblVEQT09
  • Event organized by: Partium Group Kft.
  • Contact person: Huzsvai Krisztián
  • Phone number: +36304665290
  • E-mail address: info@partiumgroup.hu
  • Language of event: Hungarian
  • Interpretation: no
  • Registration is needed: no
  • SKHU/1801/1.1/001 (4)

CBC Tours project press conference - 2019/09/27 09:00

Press conference regarding the CBC Tours project.

  • Location: 3525 Miskolc, Görgey A. utca 4.
  • Project acronym: CBC Tours
  • Project registration number: SKHU/1801/1.1/001
  • Website:
  • GPS coordinates:
  • Event organized by: Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Megyei Területfejlesztési és Környezetgazdálkodási Ügynökség Nonprofit Kft.
  • Contact person: Szakál-Kiss Csilla
  • Phone number:
  • E-mail address:
  • Language of event: Hungarian
  • Interpretation: yes
  • Registration is needed: no
  • SKHU/1801/1.1/001 (4)