Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Cserehát AP - Through renovation to the education

  • AcronymRenovate & Educate
  • Call IDSKHU/1802
  • Priority AxisPromoting employment
  • Specific objective3.1 Decreasing employment inequalities among the regions with a view to improving the level of employment within the programming region
  • Registration No.SKHU/1802/3.1/007
  • Total Project budget298,153.00 €
  • Total ERDF awarded253,430.00 €
  • Project start date01 September 2019
  • Project end date31 December 2020
  • Website
  • Project statusClosed

During the analysis of current situation of subregions of affected villages it turned out that gaps occur in the field of competitiveness of local SMEs, which mainly stem from the human resource, employee skills backwardness. To mitigate the disadvantage there is the need for infrastructural development of professional educational institutions on both sides of the border. Cross-border cooperation is necessary, as both area concerned (SK-HU) has the same problems, which together can be solved more efficiently. The project aims to implement developments of cross- border impact which improves the conditions of service of educational centers. In Hungary, in Encs: As a result of the project will be implemented improved conditions for adult education activities of the applicant organization. During the project part of the building (about 280 m2) in the same building with the applicant's seat will be purchased, which will become functional by converting suitable to fill the role of education and training. Due to the development of a training center is created that offers the SME sector representatives for satisfaction, training needs of modern education, satisfying all the needs of local infrastructure conditions. In Slovakia, In Moldava nad Bodvou: The professional development of local vocational school is realized through the purchase of modern laboratory devices. During the development the receiving classrooms and related facilities of laboratory equipment will be renovated and converted. (The conversion works will affect approximately 100 m2 area). As a result of development we will have agricultural experts in the areas eligible for satisfying all the demands of high-tech professional training, through which significantly improves their competitiveness.

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Cserehát AP - Through renovation to the education


Lead Beneficiary / ERDF awarded

Abaúji Területfejlesztési Önkormányzati Szövetség

3860 Encs, Bem u. 3.

122,451.00 €

Beneficiary 1 / ERDF awarded

Stredná Odborná Skola - Szakközépiskola Moldava nad Bodvou

045 01 Moldava nad Bodvou, Hlavná 54.

130,979.00 €

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Closing conference of the Through renovation to the education project - 2021/03/12 10:00

At the closing conference of the Renovation & Education project, the participants will be informed about the achieved results of the project.

  • Location: Encs, Bem J. u. 1, Hungary
  • Project acronym: Renovation & Education / Through renovation to the education
  • Project registration number: SKHU/1802/3.1/007
  • Website:
  • GPS coordinates:
  • Event organized by: EGTC Via Carpatia
  • Contact person: Julianna Orbán Máté
  • Phone number: 055/726 83 91
  • E-mail address:
  • Language of event: Hungarian
  • Interpretation: yes
  • Registration is needed: no
  • SKHU/1802/3.1/007 (2)