Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Education for Sustainable Development in the Szigetköz-Žitný Ostrov region

  • AcronymESD Duna/Dunaj
  • Call IDSKHU/1902
  • Priority AxisEnhancing cooperation of public authorities
  • Specific objective4.1 Improving the level of cross border inter-institutional cooperation and broadening cross border cooperation between citizens.
  • Registration No.SKHU/1902/4.1/025
  • Total Project budget399,991.90 €
  • Total ERDF awarded339,993.11 €
  • Project start date01 June 2021
  • Project end date31 May 2023
  • Project statusRunning

The Szigetköz-Žitný ostrov region is bound for an intense nature conservation cooperation and for coordinated preservation efforts across the border, as it is the largest inland delta in Europe, which can be considered as a coherent landscape of similar geographic origin formed by strong river activity of the Danube, consisting of complex branch systems and protected areas on both sides of the border, facing similar risks and problems.
Recognising that without proper environmental education and awareness raising activities nature conservation efforts cannot be efficient on the long term, and utilising the momentum originated from the initiation of the Szigetköz Nature Park in 2018 the cooperating partners have decided to put the emphasis on education for sustainable development, identifying it as a precondition for successful nature conservation efforts.

Consequently the aim of the project is to broaden the cross border education programmes for sustainable development both in terms of addressing a wider range of target groups (involving preschool students, teachers, pensioners and people with disabilities) and by the capacity building of cooperating institutions leading to a quantitative increase of participants of environmental education activities and to an improved quality of environmental education services.
To contribute to an increased level of cross border cooperation in the region, the Partners are planning to develop 5 cross border products and services (mobile interactive exhibitions and enhanced eco-mobile fleets), organise 209 cross border events actively involving 2336 people from Hungary and Slovakia. Operational infrastructure is planned to be improved on both sides of the border by creating a new exhibition in Šamorín with the thematic focus “The Danube around Šamorín”, and by the realisation of small scale reconstruction works of the Lipót-Gombócos Nature Centre both locations serving as venues for environmental education activities in the region.


Lead Beneficiary / ERDF awarded

Fertő-Hanság Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság

9435 Sarród, Rév-Kócsagvár

99,914.95 €

Beneficiary 1 / ERDF awarded

Mesto Šamorín

Šamorín, Hlavná 37 93101

48,563.47 €

Beneficiary 2 / ERDF awarded

Regionálna rozvojová agentúra Šamorín

93101 Šamorín Hlavná 37

26,116.59 €

Beneficiary 3 / ERDF awarded

Mosonmagyaróvár Város Önkormányzata

9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Fő utca 11.

50,184.00 €

Beneficiary 4 / ERDF awarded

Pisztráng Kör Waldorf Természetvédő és Természetjáró Egyesület

3517 Miskolc, Losonczy u. 64.

90,122.10 €

Beneficiary 5 / ERDF awarded

Szigetköz Natúrpark Egyesület

9181 Kimle, Fő utca 114.

25,092.00 €

Locations of investment



Project closing event - 2023/09/27 15:00

Public closing event of the ESD Duna/Dunaj project to inform interested parties about the activities implemented in the project.

  • Location: 9233 Lipót, külterület (Szigetközi Természetvédelmi Központ, Lipót – Gombócos)
  • Project acronym: ESD Duna/Dunaj
  • Project registration number: SKHU/1902/4.1/025
  • Website:
  • GPS coordinates: 47°51'20.1"N 17°29'26.6”E
  • Event organized by: Fertő-Hanság Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság
  • Contact person: Ákos Zsidy
  • Phone number: +36 70 938 9840
  • E-mail address:
  • Language of event: Hungarian
  • Interpretation: yes
  • Registration is needed: yes
  • SKHU/1902/4.1/025 (3)

ESD Duna/Dunaj project launch press conference - 2021/09/24 09:30

Project launch press conference

  • Location: FUTURA Interaktív Természettudományi Élményközpont, 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár, Szent István király u. 142 (FUTURA
  • Project acronym: ESD Duna/Dunaj: Education for Sustainable Development in the Szigetköz-Zitny Ostrov region
  • Project registration number: SKHU/1902/4.1/025
  • Website:
  • GPS coordinates: 47.85312407329467, 17.281091295789544
  • Event organized by: Fertő-Hanság National Park Directorate
  • Contact person: Katalin Kovács-Hajdu
  • Phone number: +36 30 100 9248
  • E-mail address:
  • Language of event: Hungarian
  • Interpretation: no
  • Registration is needed: no
  • SKHU/1902/4.1/025 (3)