Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Enhancement of the ancient cultural cross border heritage profile of historical Nógrád

  • Call IDSKHU/1601
  • Priority AxisProtecting natural and cultural heritage
  • Specific objective1.1 To increase the attractiveness of the border area
  • Registration No.SKHU/1601/1.1/267
  • Total Project budget2,125,271.31 €
  • Total ERDF awarded1,806,480.59 €
  • Project start date 1 September 2017
  • Project end date30 November 2020
  • Websitehttp://kulturalisoroksegnograd.hu
  • Project statusClosed

Cultural heritage settlements Fiľakovo, Bátonyterenye, Salgótarján and Šiatorská Bukovinka on the North-South axle of the cross border region decided together to continue with their co-operation for preserving and presenting natural and cultural heritage. The social and economic conditions of the settlements from the historical Nógrád County are equally disadvantageous; an opportunity for recovery is to conserve partially alive cultural heritage as a capability and due presentation for current and future generations. Thus the embracing and development of cultural heritage as attraction will become an important pillar for economic uplift. Partners achieve their aims by developing cultural heritage sites and presenting them in a joint way. Within the project the medieval fortress of Fiľakovo, a cultural, living natural and geological heritage will be developed as an attraction. Following archaeological excavations we construct the trails leading to the fortress, and the currently missing parking lot and sanitary facilities under the fortress together with an information point. Bátonyterenye, as the caretaker of the listed Gyürky-Solymossy castle has been guarding one of Nógrád’s important historic and natural heritage for decades. Here, we plan to rehabilitate the onetime ancillary buildings of the castle (officers’ and maids’ apartments, now negative environmental elements) and give new functions to them: Palóc lodge as visitors’ infrastructure. Our intention is to increase the attractiveness of Baglyas-kő fortress in Salgótarján by exploring the archaeological heritage, conserving unearthed artefacts on the site and developing the conditions for demonstration and visitor friendly infrastructure. The fortress of Somoskő is situated on the border. The road to the fortress is in inadequate technical condition, we plan complete renovation serving a high number of visitors. The mission of the partners: uniform identity through joint strategy.


Lead Beneficiary / ERDF awarded

Mesto Fiľakovo

Fiľakovo, Radničná 25 986 01


788,798.77 €

Beneficiary 1 / ERDF awarded

Bátonyterenye Város Önkormányzata

Bátonyterenye, Városház út 2 3070


647,505.35 €

Beneficiary 2 / ERDF awarded

Bükki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság

Eger, Sánc utca 6. 3304


242,813.55 €

Beneficiary 3 / ERDF awarded

Obec Šiatorská Bukovinka

Radzovce, Šiatorská Bukovinka č. 41 985 58


127,362.92 €

Locations of investment


Podhradská 1936/24, 986 01 Fiľakovo


Baštová ulica 1878, 986 01 Fiľakovo


Podhradská 1860, 986 01 Fiľakovo


Továreňská ulica, 986 01 Fiľakovo



Karancs út 78., 3100 Salgótarján

Šiatorská Bukovinka


Closing conference - 2020/11/26 10:00

Living heritage. Closing conference.

  • Location: Radničná 25, Fiľakovo
  • Project acronym: LIVING HERITAGE
  • Project registration number: SKHU/1601/1.1/267
  • Website: http://www.kulturalisoroksegnograd.hu
  • GPS coordinates:
  • Event organized by: Mesto Fiľakovo
  • Contact person: Ing.arch. Erika Anderková
  • Phone number: +421915352355
  • E-mail address: erika.anderkova@filakovo.sk
  • Language of event: Slovak
  • Interpretation: yes
  • Registration is needed: yes
  • SKHU/1601/1.1/267 (3)


The ‚Living heritage‘ project has been launched

The ‚Living heritage‘ project has been launched

Partners of the project titled “Enhacement of the ancient cultural cross border heritage profile of historical Nógrád” are Fiľakovo Town and Municipality of Šiatorská Bukovinka from the Slovak side, the hungarian partners are Town of Bátonyterenye and the Bükk National Park Directorate. 

  • SKHU/1601/1.1/267 (3)