Building partnership!


Building partnership!

FUTURE IN HEMP - Manufacturing development based on the processing of hemp fiber

  • Call IDSKHU/1901
  • Priority AxisPromoting employment
  • Specific objective3.1 Decreasing employment inequalities among the regions with a view to improving the level of employment within the programming region
  • Registration No.SKHU/1901/3.1/001
  • Total Project budget776,238.39 €
  • Total ERDF awarded570,739.26 €
  • Project start date01 April 2020
  • Project end date31 March 2022
  • Website
  • Project statusClosed

The „FUTURE IN HEMP – Manufacturing development based on the processing of hemp fibre” project is implemented by D§D Group Invest s.r.o. a small sewing business operating in Slovakia and the Érmellék Centrum Nonprofit Kft situated in Hungary.
Common challenges of the area are low business activity, few jobs, high unemployment, youth migration, aging and deep poverty. The global aim of the project is the sustainable exploitation of local natural and human resources, production and sale of high value-added products and creation of new jobs for the local population. 
In the wake of the project 10 new jobs will be created and unemployment will decrease. Business activity will improve and local industry tax will grow. Project partners wish to achieve this goal by renewing, restructuring and modernizing the traditionally typical of the region hemp industry. 
In the course of the project the processing plant to be set up at Beregdaróc will manufacture tea from the leaved shoots, long and short industrial fibre from the bast and bedding for small animals from the shivs part of the stalk. Long and short fibre will be spinned into yarn of which hemp linen will be woven to be used for sewing table cloth and other decorative objects. Thanks for the project there will be 8 new working places created in Beregdaróc.
On the Slovakian side of the border D§D Group Invest in Kosice will relocate its production line into a refurbished building and turn out various household linens and clothing made of the linen produced in Beregdaróc selling it through their webshop and creating 2 new working places. 
The project, therefore, will result in producing high added value products innovatively and using state of the art methods on the basis of local resources. In addition to job creation a further benefit will be that raw material produced and processed on one side of the border will be utilised on the other side of the border strengthening business relations between the two countries.

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Lead Beneficiary / ERDF awarded

Érmellék Centrum Kft.

4934 Beregdaróc, Szabadság 121.

415,629.00 €

Beneficiary 1 / ERDF awarded

D § D Group Invest s.r.o.

040 01 Košice, Omská, PO box: 13.

155,110.26 €

Locations of investment

Beregdaróc - production plant

Kosiče - Sewing manufacture



Handover ceremony in Barabás - FUTURE IN HEMP TAPE

Handover ceremony in Barabás - FUTURE IN HEMP TAPE
Handover ceremony in Barabás - FUTURE IN HEMP TAPE
Handover ceremony in Barabás - FUTURE IN HEMP TAPE

In Barabás, the industrial hall that was built as an investment of the territorial action plan implemented in the framework of the Interreg Slovakia-Hungary program entitled “The Future in Hemp” was handed over in a ceremonial setting.

  • SKHU/1901/3.1/001 (2)