Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Interactive Castles in Zemplén-Gömör Region

  • Call IDSKHU/1902
  • Priority AxisProtecting natural and cultural heritage
  • Specific objective1.1 To increase the attractiveness of the border area
  • Registration No.SKHU/1902/1.1/019
  • Total Project budget1,304,198.20 €
  • Total ERDF awarded1,108,568.47 €
  • Project start date01 November 2020
  • Project end date31 October 2022
  • Project statusClosed

The area along the Slovakian-Hungarian border has a wealth of architectural cultural heritage that is, however, lacking in attractive, novel and innovative exhibition content to draw in visitors. The municipalities participating in the project face the joint challenge and opportunity of renewing their inherited cultural values and showcasing them in such a way that makes them attractive tourist destinations and ensures the long-term sustainability of these cultural values and destinations. A new, uniquely designed exhibition using the most modern information presentation methods is planned to open at the Andrássy Castle of Trebišove, this all-new exhibition will present viewers with the multi-faceted history of the Baron Andrássy family. The reconstruction of the castle’s protected historical garden will be carried out as well, an important element of which will be fencing off the area and the placement of two smart benches in the garden as well as information signs on the history of the garden. A unified-approach visualguide for the presentation of the Andrássy heritage is being created for the Andrássy Castle of Trebišove, the Andrássy Castle of Betliar and the Andrássy Castle of Krásna Hôrka currently under reconstruction. The Lorántffy–Rákóczi–Degenfeld–Tisza Mansion, located in the Old City area of Tokaj and a part of the Tokaj-hegyalja World Heritage Area, is an ideal place for filming and events due to its architectural and geographical characteristics. The necessary infrastructural investments will be implemented within the framework of the project and a castle history experience center exhibition will be established in order to showcase the mansion’s rich history. The Mágochy Castle Fortress in Pácin is the most beautiful monument in the Bodrogköz. The project supports small-scale reconstruction of the castle fortress and development of the present exhibition that meet current tourism trends.


Lead Beneficiary / ERDF awarded

SNC Art Kiállításrendező Kft.

2051 Biatorbágy, Bethlen Gábor utca 68.

390,427.10 €

Beneficiary 1 / ERDF awarded

Pácin Község Önkormányzata

3964 Pácin, Fő út 35.

208,667.35 €

Beneficiary 2 / ERDF awarded

Múzeum a Kultúrne centrum južného Zemplína v Trebišove

07501 Trebišov, M. R. Štefánika 257/65

509,474.02 €

Locations of investment

Lorántffy–Rákóczi–Degenfeld–Tisza Mansion - Tokaj

Tokaj, Bethlen Gábor út 42, 3910

Mágochy Castle Fortress - Pácin

Pácin, Kossuth kert 1, 3964

Andrássy Family Mansion - Trebišov

M. R. Štefánika 257, 075 01 Trebišov, Szlovákia