Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Citizens' summary of the Annual Report 2015

Citizens' summary of the Annual Report 2015


The Annual Report 2015 of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme has been prepared pursuant to Annex X of Commission implementation regulation (EU) 2015/207. The report is intended to give a brief overview of the activities that were undertaken in the frame of the programming process, focusing on the year 2015. 

Click on the link to read the full Annual Implementation Report 2015 or read the summary of it below. 

During 2015 the programming tasks of the period 2014-2020 proceeded. 9th and 10th Task Force meetings were organised in Dudince (Slovak Republic) on 23-24th February 2015 and in Mátraháza (Hungary) on 23-24th June 2015. The members of the Task Force (TF) were delegated from those institutions (ministries, civil associations, regional development agencies, etc) that are responsible for or are interested in regional development in both Slovakia and Hungary. The task of the TF was to prepare the new programme in detail with the help of specialized experts, following standard procedures meanwhile. The main challenge of the Task Force meetings was to choose what priorities the programme prefers based on the preliminary analysis. In line with the members’ decision the field of nature and culture needs to be improved. It includes the development and/or reconstruction of the natural and cultural heritage of the border area. Another priority chosen is to enhance cross-border mobility, which covers for example building border crossing roads that connect to a European level road network, the TEN-T, development of public transport systems. The third priority axis is to promote sustainable and quality employment and supporting labour mobility, as the labour market is struggling with similar problems in both Slovakia and Hungary. The programme is committed to offer help in solving issues like decreasing unemployment. Last but not least the programme intends to enhance cross-border cooperation of public authorities and people living in the border area. This priority axis ensures the possibility for projects focusing on those actions that improves the relations among people living in the border area.

In 2015 goals were set, indicator numbers were assigned to the goals (this makes the improvement measureable at the end of the programming period) and the text of the CP was ready. The European Commission made comments on the document, and the members of the Task Force during its meetings formulated the responses to the comments and modified the CP accordingly.

After the Task Force members approved the final version of the Cooperation Programme the Managing Authority in Slovakia submitted the CP to the European Commission. On 30th September 2015 the Commission approved the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme, and the Managing Authority could start to work out programme ruling documents. The first drafts of these documents had been elaborated (e.g.: manuals for applicants and beneficiaries and other background documents like rules of procedures). Paralelly, two workshops were held for potential beneficiaries about the possible activities that can be supported from the programme.

The 1st Monitoring Committee meeting took place on 15th December in Sárospatak (Hungary). The Monitoring Committee is a body that is responsible for the successful implementation of the programme.

The first call for proposal is expected to be launched in 2016.