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Building partnership!

Cooperation Programme modified

Cooperation Programme modified


12,1 million EUR was reallocated from Priority Axis 2 (Mobility) to Priority Axis 1 (Nature and culture).  

In the summer of 2018 the Managing Authority initiated a modification request towards the European Commission to reallocate the financial sources within the Programme. The reason for the request was that due to several external factors that could not be foreseen when planning the programmethe number of applications submitted within the Priority axis 2 (PA2 – Mobility) was lower than expected. Consequently it resulted in low selection and commitment ratio within this PA. Based on the inquiries the Joint Secretariat carried out in this topic it revealed no more projects are possible to be implemented in this programming period within PA2. 

It was very obvious, though, during the 1st Call for proposals (SKHU/1601) that there is a huge interest and potential in Priority axis 1 (Nature and culture). It is the most relevant theme for the programming area. This statement is supported by the results of the territorial analysis as well as by experience from programming period 2007-2013 and by the fact that already at the programming process the most part of the programme financial allocation was calculated into this PA.

Considering the above mentioned reasons the Monitoring Committee authorized the Managing Authority to initiate the modification request at the European Commission so the Cooperation Programme can be adjusted to the present situation, and we can ensure the most efficient use of the funds. The content of the request was to reallocate 12,1 M EUR ERDF amount from PA2 to PA1, and the relevant parts of the Cooperation Programme was modified accordingly (e.g.: indicators). After reviewing the justification and the supporting materials the Commission approved the modification request of the Programme on 29 October 2018. 

You may read the modified Cooperation Programme document by clicking in the link. 

You may see the financial allocations in the following table. 


Original available ERDF funds
according to types

Modified available ERDF funds
according to types

PA1 55 427 808 € 67 558 119 €
PA2 34 608 080 € 22 477 769 €
PA3 34 608 080 € 34 608 080 €
PA4 21 816 480 € 21 816 480 €
TOTAL 146 460 448 € 146 460 448 €