Building partnership!


Building partnership!




TAPE title New jobs in the Ipeľ/Ipoly valley with the eco-friendly development of the building industry
Acronym JOBS
CCP-LB Regionálna rozvojová agentúra pre rozvoj region Stredného Poiplia
Duration 48 months
Total budget of TAPE 4 676 196,16 € 

The concerned Slovak-Hungarian border region is among the less developed areas. The region show economic and social similarities on both sides of the state border, where the rate of unemployment is high compared to national average. To reach sufficient development influence, our primary concern was not the size of the area, but the need for development, high level efficiency and sustainability.

The target area of the TAPE encompasses the areas of Velky Krtis and Balassagyarmat districts, but the specific project implementation takes place in the Slovakian district seat - having the strongest development potential in the region - and to the stagnating South East areas, having the highest rate of unemployment. In Hungary, the project implementation venues are in Őrhlom village and in Balassagyarmat and surroundings, where there is sufficient employment potential. The action plan impacts more than 107 thousand inhabitants in the border region. The influence of the project outcomes is felt on a significantly greater area.

We wish to achieve the targeted development influence and the increase of employment with developing the following fields:

Constructing the Ipoly-bridge and related roads in the Vrbovka-Őrhalom area
One of the preconditions of increasing competitiveness of the region is better access and communication. Through the bridge time and cost of travel will be reduced, which strongly supports the increase in cross-border mobility. The project also generates further development effects. Indicator: total length of newly constructed roads: 1.5 km.

Developing local products and services that generate new workplaces
We wish to increase the level of sustainable and quality employment in the region by promoting the capacities of stable local construction companies in environmentally friendly ways and with active co-operation of economic players.
Indicator: number of supported enterprises: 2, increase in the number of employed persons: 8

Practical construction training, providing business and legal advisory services
We wish to increase employment level by providing practical training, which offers opportunity to employ disadvantaged job seekers, employees or profession leavers.
We wish to strengthen coherent development of the region with the development of cross border business co-operations and advisory services.
Indicator: number of participants on the joint practical trainings: 10

Introduction of new business consultancy service: 1

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