Building partnership!


Building partnership!

R2 and M3

R2 and M3


TAPE title Between R2 and M3.Toward a new cross-border north-south economic development axis
Acronym R2 and M3
CCP-LB Nógrádi Fejlesztési Ügynökség 
Duration 48 months
Total budget of TAPE 5 392 941,35 € 

The economic development impact of large traffic corridors, highways and railway corridors is well-known. Various studies underline the fact that these infrastructural facilities have only a limited influencing effect which is around 25-30 km. The M3 motorway, which is an important pan-European corridor, has a similar effect to the region of Heves-Nógrád. Similarly, the R2 speed way improves the conditions of the Central Slovakian region. There are plans that this speed way will be further developed between the cities of Zólyom and Lučenec. This motorway and speed way draws a dynamically developing axis, while the middle regions between these infrastructures are among the most underdeveloped regions. 

The purpose of the action plan is to launch a North-South development axis between Hatvan and Losonc, mainly supporting the supplier background of the Bosch Company, which operates in the Industrial Park of Hatvan, and similar other transnational companies.

Subsequently, frame of the action plan will undertake the following interventions:

  • a program will be launched which supports the companies of the region in order to become suppliers (events supporting networking, trainings);
  • development of a cross-border employment and economic development pact;
  • in the case of one Hungarian and one Slovakian company, job-creating investments will made that help the process of becoming a supplier (creating 13 new jobs);
  • development of infrastructure will be made that attracts the investors in a brownfield area in Fiľakovo;
  • on-line and telephone services are developed that support search for a job;
  • and a cross-border program will be implemented that helps the disadvantaged unemployed people to get to the labour market.

As result of the action plan, a North-South economic development initiative will be established that will successfully coordinate the economic and employment programs which support the development of the region between Hatvan and Losonc; providing the necessary background services improves the chances of the SMEs to become suppliers; number of the unemployed will be decreased - through industrial development projects and through employment initiatives that are oriented toward different strata of society. With the help of TAPE, the cross-border region of Nógrád will get out from the development shadow, while economic integration processes are launched that reduce the dividing impact of the border.

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