Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Results of the first call for proposals – What to do now?

Results of the first call for proposals – What to do now?


Whatever decision may have been made in case of your project proposal you as an applicant have certain rights and obligations. Let us present it to you. 

Approved project proposal

If your project proposal has been approved by the Monitoring Committee firstly let us congratulate to you. The tasks and rights listed below concern the Lead Beneficiaries only. If you are a Project Partner please contact your Lead Beneficiary to consult the obligations relevant to you. 

Task 1) 
The Lead Beneficiary of the project (LB) will receive the notification letter of the Managing Authority shortly, that will explain in details the next steps and tasks related to your project. We kindly ask you to check in this table who is your designated programme manager, and contact her – after you have received the notification letter. You will have to give a status report on the availability of the documents for contracting and agree on a date for a personal consultation. No subsidy contract will be signed without the personal consultation. So please make sure that you, as the LB have the capacity to arrange this meeting as soon as possible. 

Task 2)
Start collecting the mandatory documents for contracting listed in the notification letter of the Managing Authority, and make sure that you submit them within the set deadline.

Task 3) 
If your project proposal was approved with conditions prepare your answers for the conditions, consult them with the designated programme manager and send them to the Joint Secretariat within the set deadline along with the mandatory documents for contracting. 

Rejected project proposal

If you, as Lead Beneficiary have a rejected project proposal you do not have the right appeal against the decision of the Monitoring Committee. However, we encourage you to arrange an appointment with the Joint Secretariat, and examine the evaluation of the external experts about your project. So you can correct your application for the next call for proposals based on the feedbacks. Please contact the Joint Secretariat to agree on the date. In order to protect the data in the applications and evaluations we only show these documents to the statutory representative and/or the contact person of the Lead Beneficiary, who is indicated in the Application form. These two people can request the appointment, and receive an identification code, that must be provided before reading the documents.

You also have the chance to get back the two copies of your application. You can take them over at the premises of the Joint Secretariat at Szép utca 2., II. emelet, Budapest within 30 days from the date of receiving the notification letter of the Managing Authority.

If you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact the colleagues of the Joint Secretariat