Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Summary of the 2nd Monitoring Committee meeting of the Interreg V-A SKHU programme


The Monitoring Committee (MC) of the programme held its second meeting on 9th March 2016 in Budapest. 

Documents regarding the internal operations were approved including the following documents:

  • Modification of Rules of procedures of the MC – this document lays down the basic rules for the operation of the Monitoring Committee;
  • Call for proposals for Technical Assistance (TA) projects – TA projects cover the financial background of management organizations;
  • Communication Strategy of the programme – the strategy outlines the main goals of the communication activities and describes the tools to be used. The Communication strategy is available in the Download section of this site.
  • Annual Implementation Report (AIR) for the year 2015. This document summarizes the activities within the frames of the Interreg SKHU programme carried out in 2015. The AIR is to be submitted to the European Commission by 31st May every year.

Other ruling documents that concern the future call for proposals were also discussed but not yet approved. These documents were the following: Applicants’ Manual and its Annexes, Eligibility Rules, Methodology and criteria for selecting operations for Call for proposals and the Evaluation Grids.

After the long discussions previously the members listened to a presentation on the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUDSR). The national coordinator of EUDSR presented their objectives and achievements, and pointed out where the SKHU programme and the EUDSR could connect and enhance the capitalization of results. The Monitoring Committee acknowledged the presentation.

Should you want to get familiar with the management structure of the programme click here, and you may find the list of MC members as well on this page.