Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Summary of the 3rd Monitoring Committee meeting


The Monitoring Committee (MC) of the programme held its third meeting on 30th June 2016 in Budapest.

The main topic of the meeting was the preparation of the first Call for Proposals to be launched in July 2016. The documents related were discussed and approved one by one. E.g.: Applicant’s manual, guides, the application form and its annexes, assessment grids, templates and procedures. Actions connected to the advertisement of the call were also agreed.

The second main issue of the MC meeting was the presentation and possible operation of the Beneficiary light (B-Light) project that will facilitate the participation of small and medium enterprises (SME) in the Interreg SKHU programme.

Some internal ruling documents as the Rules of procedures of the MC, Technical Assistance project (deals with the financial operation of the implementing bodies), the programme evaluation plan and the ex-ante evaluation of the Interreg V-A SK-HU programme were also discussed and approved.

The last significant issue was the discussion about the Territorial Action Plans (TAPE) for Priority axis 3. TAPE is an innovative element in the programme to serve the fulfillment of the PA3 objectives devoted to decreasing employment inequalities among the regions and improving the level of employment in the programme area.

After the informative meeting the members agreed to elaborate the B-light scheme and the TAPE initiative in more details, and discuss the developments during its next meeting.