Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Summary of the 9. Monitoring meeting


The 9th Monitoring Committee of the programme was held on 20 September 2018 in Győr, Hungary. 

The Rules of procedures of the committee has been updated and approved in line with the new organizational changes in Hungary (Managing Authority has been placed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, involving the Ministry of Innovation and Technology into the MC). 

As far as the current status of SKHU/1801 Call for Proposals assessment is concerned the members acknowledged the assessment procedure and the related ranking list as well. The members approved one by one the first six projects in the ranking list with special conditions for each. 

List of approved projects – SKHU/1801

The Monitoring Committee also terminated the suspension of the Call for Proposal SKHU/1801 and closed it. The reopening of the Call for Proposal is planned for the first quarter of 2019 with updated content, which will be discussed in a separate working group. 

The representative of the European Commission, Ms. Katalin Júlia Pénzes presented the current proposal of the 2020+ EU legislative package. The Managing Authority expressed its openness and readiness to take active part in discussion and negotiation process.

During the afternoon session the projects approved with the PA2 presented the content of their projects so the members could gain a general overview on the overall goals and the related tools. 

After the MC meeting the members along with the representatives of the media participated in the official opening and awarding ceremony of the photo exhibition. Within the frames of the European Cooperation Day initiative the programme organized a photo contest, and the 12 best photos were published in an open air exhibition in Győr and Košice. For more information on the event click on the link