Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Interreg SKHU 2014-2020

The Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme document describes all relevant information regarding the programme to be implemented between Slovakia and Hungary. It contains the detailed description of the chosen Priority axes and the related implementation methods. The document also includes the setup of the management structures and all other major issues that are needed as a base for the future achievements of the goals.

Read more about the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme (JS edition).


What did we support?

Priority axis 1: Nature and culture 

The aim of the priority axis is to increase the touristic attractiveness of the regions. Those projects may receive support which address the protection, development and promotion of natural and cultural heritage sites of the border area.

The available total budget for this action is: 67 558 119 EUR

Priority axis 2: Enhancing mobility

The aim of this priority axis is to increase the number of border-crossing points and to decrease the travelling time of the border-crossing traffic. Those projects may receive support which establish new road, bridge and ferry connections and improve the community as well as the public transport services. 

The available total budget for this action is: 22 477 769 EUR

Priority axis 3: Facilitating employment

The aim of this priority axis is to create new, sustainable workplaces and facilitating labour mobility. Territorial action plans may receive support that contribute to increasing the competitiveness of small- and medium-sized enterprises and to the improvement of the cross-border road infrastructure. 

The available total budget for this action is: 34 608 080 EUR

Priority axis 4: Institutional cooperation

The aim of this priority axis is to facilitate cooperation among institutions in the border area and exchange of knowledge and experience. Projects may receive support that contribute to improving the institutional capacities and sharing best practices. 

The available total budget for this action is: 21 816 480 EUR


First phase evaluation of the Programme

2018 is the year of First Phase evaluation of the cooperation programmes. In February 2018, the Managing Authority of the INTERREG V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme invited the Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives (CESCI) to carry out the evaluation of the present programme. The evaluation included statistical analysis of the regional data and the data of the Cooperation Programme (CP), interviews, on-line survey among the applicants. The cut-off date of the data analysis was the end of November 2018. Read the full report in English. 

Anti-fraud policy

The management of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme is committed to maintain high legal, ethical and moral standards during programme implementation. The Managing Authority has a zero tolerance policy to fraud and corruption, and has in place a control system that is designed to prevent and detect, as far as is practicable, acts of fraud and correct their impact, should they occur. 

Mission statement

Annual Implementation Reports           Monitoring committee meetings

Annual Implementation Reports

The objective of the Annual Implementation Reports is to give an overview to the European Commission about the activities undertaken in the given year related to the implementation of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme.

The report includes the description of the measures taken in each priority axis, the progress of indicators, financial data, horizontal principles, and any issues that affect the performance of the programme and the steps taken to solve them. The report has a Citizen’s summary part, which is a brief overview of the full report. Click on the links to read these summaries connected to each year. 

Annual Implementation Report 2015

Annual Implementation Report 2016

Annual Implementation Report 2017

Annual Implementation Report 2018

Annual Implementation Report 2019

Annual Implementation Report 2020

Annual Implementation Report 2021

Annual Implementation Report 2022

Monitoring committee meetings

The Monitoring Committee (MC) is a board of delegated representatives from Hungary and Slovakia, who make the decisions regarding the implementation of the programme. At least once a year the MC shall have a joint meeting to review the progress of the programme and take the necessary steps to enhance the smooth operation. Read more about the management structure of the programme here. In order to ensure the transparency of the programme the minutes of the MC meetings are available for download below. 

Monitoring Committee meeting minutes

1. MC meeting 15 December 2015, Sárospatak

2. MC meeting 9 March 2016, Budapest

3. MC meeting 30 June 2016, Budapest

4. MC meeting 29 November 2016, Senec

5. MC meeting 4 April 2017, Budapest

6. MC meeting 27 June 2017, Košice

7. MC meeting 17 July 2017, Budapest 

8. MC meeting 26 April 2018, Budapest 

9. MC meeting 20 September 2018, Győr

10. MC meeting 16-17 April 2019, Dudince

11. MC meeting 13 July 2020, online

12. MC meeting 26 November 2021, online

13. MC meeting 20 December 2022, online