Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Management structure

Managing Authority (MA) of the Programme is the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Hungary. The MA is responsible for the successful and lawful implementation. It represents the Programme towards the European Commission (EC), and reports to the EC about the progress of the Programme on a yearly basis.

National Authority (NA) of the programme is the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic. The NA in cooperation with the Managing Authority is performing relevant activities in Hungary in order to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the programme. The NA establishes the national requirements and conditions for the Programme implementation and ensures that they function effectively and in accordance with the provisions and principles of the Programme.

Monitoring Committee (MC) of the Programme shall review the implementation of the programme and progress towards achieving its objectives. It is also responsible for the selection of the projects financed by the cooperation programme. The members of the MC shall have relevant expertise, experience on territorial development, cooperation programmes and networking. Appropriate composition of the MC ensures that on the national level only relevant partners (state and regional authorities, independent bodies representing civil society) are involved in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the cooperation programme.

The list of MC members can be dowloaded from here. 

Joint Secretariat fulfills the the administrative and technical tasks regarding the implementation of the Programme are carried out by the Joint Secretariat (JS). It is the task of the MA to set up the JS. The JS is also contributing to the work of both the Managing and the National Authority.

Control bodies are responsible for controling and validating the costs of the project partners emerging during the project implementation in each member state. This task is always carried out in line with the national laws and regulations. Slovak partners report to the relevant department within the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic, and the Hungarians do the same to the relevant department within the Széchenyi Programme Office. 

Info points complete the work of the Joint Secretariat on local level. They provide update information and, in case it is needed, professional help to applicants and beneficiaries. 

Small Project Fund (SPF) supports small projects within Priority Axis 3. The management of the Small Project Fund is realized through two umbrella projects. One on western part of the border region and another one on eastern part of the border region.