Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Annual Implementation Reports           Monitoring committee meetings

Annual Implementation Reports

The objective of the Annual Implementation Reports is to give an overview to the European Commission about the activities undertaken in the given year related to the implementation of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme.

The report includes the description of the measures taken in each priority axis, the progress of indicators, financial data, horizontal principles, and any issues that affect the performance of the programme and the steps taken to solve them. The report has a Citizen’s summary part, which is a brief overview of the full report. Click on the links to read these summaries connected to each year. 

Annual Implementation Report 2015

Annual Implementation Report 2016

Annual Implementation Report 2017

Annual Implementation Report 2018

Annual Implementation Report 2019

Annual Implementation Report 2020


Monitoring committee meetings

The Monitoring Committee (MC) is a board of delegated representatives from Hungary and Slovakia, who make the decisions regarding the implementation of the programme. At least once a year the MC shall have a joint meeting to review the progress of the programme and take the necessary steps to enhance the smooth operation. Read more about the management structure of the programme here. In order to ensure the transparency of the programme the minutes of the MC meetings are available for download below. 

Monitoring Committee meeting minutes

1. MC meeting 15 December 2015, Sárospatak

2. MC meeting 9 March 2016, Budapest

3. MC meeting 30 June 2016, Budapest

4. MC meeting 29 November 2016, Senec

5. MC meeting 4 April 2017, Budapest

6. MC meeting 27 June 2017, Košice

7. MC meeting 17 July 2017, Budapest 

8. MC meeting 26 April 2018, Budapest 

9. MC meeting 20 September 2018, Győr

10. MC meeting 16-17 April 2019, Dudince

11. MC meeting 13 July 2020, online

12. MC meeting 26 November 2021, online