Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Opening conference of TP-LAB project - 2021/01/28 09:00

  • Date: -
  • Location: Assembly Room, County Hall Győr (Városház tér 3.) and online
  • Project acronym: TP-LAB- Territorial Planning Laboratory
  • Project registration number: SKHU/1902/4.1/079
  • Website:
  • GPS coordinates: 47.68338, 17.63532
  • Event organized by: West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Public Nonprofit Ltd.
  • Contact person: Viktória ILLÉS
  • Phone number: +36(30)7467780
  • E-mail address:
  • Language of event: Hungarian
  • Interpretation: yes
  • Registration is needed: no

TP LAB will hold a kick-off meeting on January 28, 2021 at 1 pm in the Ceremonial Hall of the Győr City Hall and online. The event will be preceded by a public press conference.


In the framework of the opening conference, the speakers will present the objectives of the project, the challenges of the county development plans of the Hungarian-Slovak border regions, the possible ways of Hungarian-Slovak spatial planning cooperation, and the regional and urban development framework. Speakers also present the available data that support spatial planning (eg CCIBIS, protected natural areas) and the data and information services that facilitate their digital display. The TPLAB project facilitates communication between local actors, access to information online and territorial coordination. All this contributes to a more balanced spatial structure and a stronger coherence between valuable natural areas and the urbanized landscape.

Attached documents

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TP-LAB- Territorial Planning Laboratory Agenda.pdf
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