Building partnership!


Building partnership!

IG HERITAGE - Coordination and communication

  • AcronymCCP
  • Call IDSKHU/1802
  • Priority AxisPromoting employment
  • Specific objective3.1 Decreasing employment inequalities among the regions with a view to improving the level of employment within the programming region
  • Registration No.SKHU/1802/3.1/048
  • Total Project budget158,104.80 €
  • Total ERDF awarded134,389.08 €
  • Project start date01 October 2019
  • Project end date30 September 2022
  • Website
  • Project statusClosed

The aim of the project is to fulfill the administrative, operative and communication tasks of the complete action plan. The main task of the project is to ensure the smooth implementation of all 7 projects, as well as to carry out the tasks related to external and internal communication. Accordingly, the events to be organised, the publications and every visibility elements (such as information boards, posters, websites etc.) will be the result of the project.

Related TAPE: Re-discovered heritage. Employment development through cross-border networking of local producers 


IG HERITAGE - Coordination and communication


Lead Beneficiary / ERDF awarded

Ister-Granum Korlátolt Felelősségű Területi Együttműködési Csoportosulás

2500 Esztergom, Széchenyi tér 1.

134,389.08 €


Press conference - 2020/09/24 10:00

24. of September 2020 an Opening Press Conference will take place in Esztergom (Prímás Pince) with participation of all project partners, and all parts of the project will be introduced.

  • Location: 2500 Esztergom, Szent István tér 12.
  • Project acronym: CCP
  • Project registration number: SKHU/1802/3.1/048
  • Website:
  • GPS coordinates:
  • Event organized by: Ister-Granum EGTC
  • Contact person: Eck András
  • Phone number: +36308607308
  • E-mail address:
  • Language of event: Hungarian
  • Interpretation: no
  • Registration is needed: yes
  • SKHU/1802/3.1/048 (2)