Building partnership!


Building partnership!




Building institutional cooperation for greener settlement within the territory of Arrabona EGTC - Opening press conference in Győr on 30 November 2017

Building institutional cooperation for greener settlements within the territory of Arrabona EGTC (BuilCoGreen) is a cross-border project, which aims to increase the level of cooperation between settlements, local governments and their urban service provider (USP) institutions  centred around and organised by Arrabona EGTC. The main partners of the Arrabona EGTC are highly experienced in certain fields of urban services and these so-called areas of excellences should be transformed to transferable best practices and know-hows. Thus, specifying the increased level of cooperation in the terms of the project means that such best practices and know-hows will be disseminated among the target group while creating a more institutionalized cooperation between them with the help of workshops, a permanent IT solution supporting/cooperation interface) and mentoring service. To further the improvement of cooperation the project will achieve two more goals by making the target group more resource efficient by sharing and pooling their urban service resources (equipment, tools, vehicles, etc.), and the development of system specifications for smart solutions. The lead beneficiary is the Arrabona EGTC organisation supported by the main stakeholders (Dunajská Streda, Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár and Samorin). The main target groups are the four cities, and the 27 settlements of the EGTC area and their residents. BuilCoGreen project will achieve its goals through carrying out three types of activities: organising a series of workshops for experience sharing, case studies, co-creation, organising a mentoring and implementation service for settlements and creating a supporting/cooperation interface for the sharing of experiences and know-hows and the sharing and pooling of urban service resources (equipment, tools, vehicles, etc.) between the settlements to improve efficiency among the target group. 

Lead partner: Arrabona EGTC
Total budget: 273 373, 26 €
European Regional Development Fund support: 232 367,27 €

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Dr. Zoltán Herke, project manager