Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Food industry

Food industry


TAPE title Cooperation of food industry, scientific and professional institutes to increase rural employment
Acronym Food industry
CCP-LB Rába-Duna-Vág Európai Területi Társulás
Duration 28 months
Total budget of TAPE 2 343 334,85 € 


The food industry has suffered a considerable decline in the past 27 years. In addition, the agrarian sector has lost its market power. Currently, the governments of both countries are aiming at a breakthrough in the food industry. Slovakia is planning to increase the number of domestic products, while Hungary would like to reach higher export performance. The increase and improvement of food production is required to achieve these ambitious goals.

There is a high level of mutual co-dependence between the processing industry and production: in order to maintain the competitiveness of food processing, provision of raw materials in the right quantity and quality is essential. As a result of global food market competition, the value of research & development & innovation methods used in the industry increases, as well as it results in strengthening efficiency and loss reduction. Demand for products made from natural raw materials is constantly increasing. There is an increasing demand for high quality, safe and healthy products with a higher added value. Products developed on innovation basis provide different benefits. Product innovation is more widespread in Europe than investment into technological innovation. The shrinking food industry sector resulted in shrinking knowledge base needed to maintain innovation, as well as decrease in qualified workforce can be detected.  Most businesses do not have their own development potentials. There is a lack of organizational framework and methods of knowledge transfer.  Businesses are not acquainted with research results, while researchers do not recognize the needs of enterprises.

Entrepreneurs (K.K.V.-Union s.r.o, AEH spol. s.r.o, Kősziklás Borászat Kft., Mäsovinky s.r.o., Vörös Tészta Manufaktúra) involved in the project will create 7 new workplaces by purchasing and implementing  innovative manufacturing technologies.   They will start production of new, healthy and regional products by processing locally produced raw materials on the basis of scientific output  provided  by institutions involved in the project.  Five SMEs operating in different regions and business sector  agree to be available as demonstration sites. 

The institutions (NCCP-VÚP, SZE) ensuring research background will set up a tool park and a pool of researchers and specialists in order to propose new technological development. 

In addition to ensuring project-level communication tasks, the task of RDV EGTC will be to promote the project results and achievements. This will be achieved by organizing professional workshops and participating on job fairs. Professional workshops provide possibility for professional discussions and sharing good practices. Participation on job fairs will ensure the transfer of professional knowledge and introduction of innovative practices applied by project partners to a wider scope of audience.

The project will enable to establish a close cooperation between the research field and   entrepreneurs,  providing an innovation algorithm utilized by other entrepreneurs as well. 

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