Building partnership!


Building partnership!




On January 31 2020, in the framework of the Maria Valéria Bike project, we held a press conference with the mayors of Štúrovo and Esztergom on the occasion of the completion of the construction of the public bicycle sharing system of the Maria Valéria Bike.

A new form of public transport has been established along the Slovakian and Hungarian borders in the towns of Štúrovo and Esztergom, which further contributes to the connections of the two border towns and to the improvement of the level of social interconnection. The public bicycle sharing system called “Maria Valéria Bike” was jointly created by the municipalities of Esztergom and Štúrovo in the framework of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program. Residents of Štúrovo and Esztergom and tourists will be able to rent and use bicycles in the cities from February 1st 2020. The municipalities of Esztergom and Štúrovo also want to encourage residents and tourists to use environmental friendly solutions for their trips in the two cities.

Following the successful public procurement , the T-Systems Hungary Zrt. with its subcontractor Neuzer Kft. executed the bike sharing system.

Within the framework of the project 14 bicycle storage stations were set up in Štúrovo and Esztergom of which, six are located in Štúrovo and eight in Esztergom. The public bicycle sharing system includes 60 conventional and 45 electric bicycles. At the same time with the new investment, the existing EBI system in Esztergom was renewed and made compatible with the new system.

The common system allows residents of both cities, as well as tourists, to remove the rented bike from any dock and return it to any station. The stations are located near the frequented sites in both cities. For information on the terms and conditions of the Mária Valeria Bike Sharing System and how to use the system, visit the project's official website,

Participants of the press conference:
Ing. Szabó Eugen – Mayor of the Štúrovo,
Erős Gábor – Vice Mayor of the Esztergom,
Kiss Bálint – representation of the T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. 

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