Building partnership!


Building partnership!




TAPE title Organic cross-border territorial development along the Ipoly/Ipeľ
Acronym ORG-EMP
CCP-LB Ipoly-Táj Területfejlesztési Társulás                            
Duration 48 months
Total budget of TAPE 6 388 005,88 €

Once there were as many as 47 bridges on the Ipoly/Ipeľ River securing the crossing. Today, 24 bridges cross the river; of which only 6 allow crossing the border (most of the bridges are located in Slovakia). The lack of bridges has been a major setback for the development of the region; on both banks of the river ageing, depopulating villages can be found, where the outmigration has a very high rate, and the unemployment is also high. To change the unfavourable processes, it is necessary to restore the organic links between the two banks and to improve the accessibility of urban functions (including workplaces) in the region, and to spread urban integration effects throughout the Ipoly/Ipeľ valley. 

The aim of the present TAPE is to launch economic developments that are possible to restore the previous organic connections, and to support the improvement of employment situation by facilitating labour mobility. For this purpose, the bridge between Ipeľské Predmostie and Drégelypalánk is planned to be reconstructed. The bridge will make the larger plants, where hundreds of employees commute across the border, operating in Nagyoroszi and Rétság accessible from the direction of the isolated Slovakian villages. The number of these commuters is expected to be increased by the plant expansion of Fespizz Kft. in Nagyoroszi, where 10 new employees will be hired. At the same time, the bridge also allows the results of the development already started on the Hungarian side to appear on the Slovak side, since new workplaces will be established in Ipeľské Predmostie as well; Adorex s.r.o. builds a crop processing plant where 5 people will be employed. According to the plans, the Fespizz Kft., interested in surface treatment, will carry out the paint works of the boilers.
Furthermore, the interconnection of the two developments will be strengthened by the fact that the trainings required for both developments will be provided by the secondary vocational school of Šahy. For this purpose the modernisation of two workshops in the school will also take place. Utilizing a Swiss model, Ipoly-Táj Területfejlesztési Társulás (Regional Development Association) helps to adapt the capabilities of the recruited workers to the employer's expectations. 

The action plan also supports the reinforcement of urban functions by creating housing for workers in Balassagyarmat to improve the employment situation in the region. The investment contributes not only to secure the needed workforce for the developments planned within the TAPE, but also serves the integrated economic development initiatives of the wider central Ipoly/Ipeľ region.

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