Building partnership!


Building partnership!

RE-START: Creating Needs Based Employment in the Lower Ipel Valley

RE-START: Creating Needs Based Employment in the Lower Ipel Valley



TAPE title RE-START: Creating Needs Based Employment in the Lower Ipel Valley
Acronym RE-START
Duration 48 months
Total budget of TAPE 4 736 219,80 €

RE-START targets the Lower Ipel Valley, a border area of Nitra & Pest Counties with a special focus on silver economy. This area faces multiple challenges, a combination of ageing population & unemployment. The economic activity is very low, there is neither relevant industrial activities or urban areas, nor declining facilities or brownfield industrial zones. Thus the area has very few opportunities for the economic & social development. RE - START action plan’s mission is to raise employment by building on those currently inactive who are still in active age and can be employed on the time horizon of the sustainability period of the TAPE.

The unique approach will be realized through the following specific objectives:

  • job creation based on new services, social care and silver employment (min. 19 jobs in supported enterprises)
  • raising employability by training & mentorship programmes to support the unemployed, unqualified & inactive people (min. 88 trained persons)
  • increase cross border mobility of labour force by capacity coordination and cooperation.  

The RE-START aims at inciting a kick-start in the region by the renewal of services, re-booting work force, re- structuring institutions, re-habilitating & re-positioning inactive workforce & giving re-birth to elderly. It will result in the following achievements:

  • 1 social service network targeting elderly at 7 partner locations
  • 399 elderly people reached by social services
  • 1 remote healthcare monitoring centre
  • 1 education, 1 training & 1 mentor programme
  • 5 infrastructural transformations  
  • 3 new supporting social services (social kitchen, laundry, mobility)
  • 1 bilingual online database on social services, human resources, capacities, waiting lists,
  • new recreational services

To achieve this, the TAPE plans the following actions:

  1. establishing a cross-border network of social service institutions,  
  2. joint initiative to foster silver employment by a mentor programme & employment at SMEs
  3. shared support services to optimize the functioning of the social institutes
  4. launching new types of recreational services, offering places for service providers
  5. infrastructural transformation of buildings into social care institutes
  6. launch of education/training programmes (for social carers and customer handling) to raise employability
  7. learning & community events supporting the active ageing of the elderly generation  
  8. awareness raising and providing opportunity for further stakeholders to join the network

RE-START gathers all stakeholders based on their competences to successfully carry out activities, incl. SMEs, chamber of commerce, LEADER associations, NGOs, educational institutions, social service providers and municipalities. It will have impact in the long term on the attractiveness & raised quality services of the region, as the new job opportunities will incite the remaining and resettlement of the younger generations. 

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