Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Introduction of the cultural heritage projects

Introduction of the cultural heritage projects


The SKHU/1902 call for proposals were divided into 5 actions. There were 5 different topics in which potential applicants could submit a project proposal. 

  • Joint development of cultural heritage    
  • Joint development of natural heritage    
  • Joint development of tourism attractions     
  • Investment in institutional capacity    
  • Development of new cross-border services


Joint development of cultural heritage


We have received 30 project proposals. 9 projects have been approved by the Monitoring Committee, which is the main decision making body of the Programme. Here are the short summaries of the projects to be implemented: 

InterCastles - uniquely designed exhibition is planned to open at the Andrássy Castle of Trebisov, small-scale reconstruction of the Mágochy Castle Fortress in Pácin and renovation of the Lorántffy–Rákóczi–Degenfeld–Tisza Mansion in Tokaj.

NatGate - to restore, preserve and develop the historical narrow-gauge railways in Košice and Nagybörzsöny. 

TWO-ONE – revitalized Roman Catholic monuments will create a Path of Early Christian Saint between Bratislava (SK) and Mosonmagyaróvár (HU). 

SKHU GO&SZI - After the reconstruction the Andrássy curia in Gombasek and the Orbán house in Szilvásvárad will serve as museums, which present the common history of the two places by the Bükk culture and the culture of iron-forging.

GetInZ@Y - restoration of the manor house in Želiezovce as well as the Balassa Balint Museum in Esztergom in order to preserve the cultural monuments and make it accessible to the general public.

TURISM.HKO-OMH - development of infrastructure of its World Heritage Wine Cellars in Hercegkút by establishing an information point, a tourist house, a promenade, while the municipality of Malý Horeš will improve wine tourism by creating a wide promenade and rest rooms for the tourists.

Gács-Dornyai - in the Nógrád-Novohrad area, in the village of Halič and in the Eresztvény renovation and conservation works will be carried out on the memorial houses of the painters Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka and János Mustó.

KOMFORT - joint cultural-tourist development concept and reconstruction works will be carried out in the Komárom/Komárno Fort System.

Milling - The aim of the project is to revive the milling industry by reconstruction and conservation of buildings related to milling, and build complementary infrastructure (access road, visitor center, bicycle storage facility, etc). Main investment locations are the Water Mill in Tomášikovo and collection of mills in Szentendre.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the project introductions. The second topic coming up is the joint development of natural heritage.     

Introduction of the SKHU/1902 natural heritage projects 

Introduction of the SKHU/1902 tourism projects