Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Introduction of the SKHU/1902 natural heritage projects

Introduction of the SKHU/1902 natural heritage projects


The SKHU/1902 call for proposals were divided into 5 actions. There were 5 different topics in which potential applicants could submit a project proposal. 

  • Joint development of cultural heritage    
  • Joint development of natural heritage    
  • Joint development of tourism attractions     
  • Investment in institutional capacity    
  • Development of new cross-border services


Joint development of natural heritage

We have received 22 project proposals out of which 6 projects have been approved. Here are the short summaries of the projects to be implemented: 

PARK4U is aimed to revitalize the nature park Kerta in the Town of Michalovce (SK) and Széphalom park in Satoraljaújhely (HU). Preserving this natural heritage is important not only for the residents and the visitors of the towns but for the conservation of natural biodiversity too.

Ecoregion SKHU focuses on the joint development of the Dunajské Luhy Protected Landscape Area in Slovakia and the Szigetköz Nature Park in Hungary. Main activities: revitalization the garden of the Ecocenter in Čunovo, equipment of two exhibition rooms in the Ecocenter, building a new modern zero waste Ecocenter in Dunasziget, creating new accommodation units in Kimle (HU) and Dobrohošť (SK), establishment of ecological installation within the Community House of Kimle. 

Bird Tour project will improve Natura 2000 sites. They will develop and restore visitor centers and nature paths in Senné (SK), Bodrogkeresztúr (HU), Sárospatak (HU), and a bird-watching tower in Tarcal (HU). To improve tourism services in the area they will build a campsite and introduce bike rental system in Senné (SK).

Bike and Horse riding project will build a new Eurovelo6 section connecting Kravany nad Dunajom with Štúrovo on the Slovak side (18 km) and a new EuroHorse bridle path between Pomáz and Esztergom (39 km) in Hungary.

Bike Paradise will also build a 16 km new bike route through Štúrovo - Kamenica nad Hronom – Chľaba (SK) and Ipolydamásd – Letkés (HU). Ister-Granum EGTC will build the lacking rest areas (10 pcs) and place bulletin boards (150 pcs) in the area.

REJOICE project will launch an innovative, cross-border, public kayak-canoe sharing system on the Hornád River area, and build suitable infrastructure to it like camps and exit/entry ports.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the project introductions. Our third topic is the joint development of tourism attractions.

Introduction of the cultural heritage projects

Introduction of the SKHU/1902 tourism projects