Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Introduction of the SKHU/1902 tourism projects

Introduction of the SKHU/1902 tourism projects


The SKHU/1902 call for proposals were divided into 5 actions. There were 5 different topics in which potential applicants could submit a project proposal. 

  • Joint development of cultural heritage    
  • Joint development of natural heritage    
  • Joint development of tourism attractions     
  • Investment in institutional capacity    
  • Development of new cross-border services


Joint development of tourism attractions 

We have received 17 project proposals out of which 7 projects have been approved. Here are the short summaries of the projects to be implemented: 

Danube Bend Equestrian Tourism project aims to facilitate equestrian tourism in the cross-border territory of the Danube Bend. In Domony (HU) an equestrian tour centre will be set up with a horse stable, while in Ipeľský Sokolec an indoor riding hall and equestrian centre will be established.

LC-ST SPORTS AND LEISURE project will promote the active and sports tourism in Salgótarján and Lučenec. In Salgótarján leisure functions shall be strengthened with outdoor fitness, games (mini golf, table tennis, etc.). In Lučenec especially the sports capacities shall be increased with new tennis courts and tennis wall.

Two families one history project will improve two castles in the border area. The Forgách Castle in Mándok (HU) will be expanded by 10 rooms, while the Eszterházy Castle in Galánta (SK) will be renovated (135 m2) to increase the number of visitors in the two regions. 

Riverside Wildlife Once and Today project focuses on a cycling route connecting Ipolytarnóc (HU) and Karva (SK). Geological study trail will be improved and the Exhibition Hall 2 will be modernized in Ipolytarnóc. In Karva an ecotourism center and exhibition space will be established in an old mansion.

Attraction project aims to increase the attractiveness of the Slovak Karst area and Turňa nad Bodvou in Slovakia and Rétköz near the Rétköz Lake in Hungary. They will stablish two unique attractions: a Skyrider in Turňa nad Bodvou and a Hobit land playpark in Rétköz. 

RákócziTourism project aims to renew the Castle Park of the Rákóczi Castle of Borsi (SK), walking path, experience-based cycling route and dock terminals, virtual reality (VR) experience and escape room will be established. 

MOBILEUM project builds on the results of a previous Interreg SKHU project, the Cultacross. A multifunctional exhibition space will be constructed at the site of SlovakiaRing providing space for high-tech tourism services. 

Stay tuned for the next episode of the project introductions. Our fourth topic is the investment in institutional capacity.     

Introduction of the cultural heritage projects

Introduction of the SKHU/1902 natural heritage projects