Building partnership!


Building partnership!

Employment Cross-border Action plan of the Cserehát micro-region

Employment Cross-border Action plan of the Cserehát micro-region


TAPE title Employment Cross-border Action plan of the Cserehát micro- region
Acronym Cserehát AP
CCP-LB Európske zoskupenie územnej spolupráce Via Carpatia s ručením obmedzeným 
Duration 36 months
Total budget of TAPE 4 417 494,36€

The target area of the action plan, the Cserehát micro-region is characterized by a high rate of unemployment. The main reasons of this phenomenon are mainly the insufficient infrastructure, low level of education and high rate of ageing population.

The overall objective of the TAPE is to reduce the unemployment rate in the micro-region, to re-establish the “Beautiful Cserehát” micro-region, to exploit its endogenous potential and to find solutions to the most serious problems. The above mentioned potential is that of local production, which supports the development of the region and is the central theme of the TAPE. The main objective is going to be achieved thank to the specific objectives of the TAPE, which are the following: to improve the quality of human capital, to improve the production infrastructure, to improve the selling conditions of local products and to develop a regional brand.

The most important expected result of the cross-border action plan is the creation of new working places on the territory of the micro-region. In order to meet this output and the aims of the TAPE, the following activities and interventions will be realized:

  • establishment of new multi purpose centres,
  • establishment of new plants for processing agricultural products,
  • creation of market places,
  • establishment a regional brand,
  • establishment of a network of local producers and
  • organization of local markets and agro events.

All the above mentioned activities can lead to the successful implementation of the project and to achieve the main goal of the TAPE - re-establish the “Beautiful - Cserehát” - and the most important outputs - creation of new working places and reducing unemployment on the Cserehát micro-region.

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