Building partnership!


Building partnership!




TAPE title Re-discovered heritage. Employment development through cross-border networking of local producers 
Acronym IG Heritage
CCP-LB Ister-Granum EGTC
Duration 36 months
Total budget of TAPE 2 400 044,53 €

In 2012, the Ister - Granum EGTC started to develop a local product network in the region. Since then, our organization has implemented several projects as a winner of different calls for proposals. Thanks to these grants, local producers were mapped and presented in publications, educational activities and different events were organised.

Our organisation can now implement its most complex project so far with the support of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme ( The project is implemented in the cooperation of the following 10 partners: the municipalities of Štúrovo, Nagymaros, Svodín, Mužla and Bajót, the Börzsöny-Duna-Ipoly Rural Development Association, the Esztergom Environmental Culture Association, and the Naturproduct and Szivek pince enterprises. The partners created five partnerships in order to realize their investments and developments:

The CCP project contains the coordination and communication activities of 5 projects launched under the Territorial Action Plan (TAPE). The EGTC is responsible for the communication activities of all these projects and also coordinates the cooperation between other project partners, the Managing Authority and other stakeholders. 

DELIVERY: The Naturproducts s.r.o from Ipeľský Sokolec will purchase equipment in order to be able to sell its own products at higher level. It can develop its honey- and fruit processing plant thanks to the investment. The Börzsöny-Duna-Ipoly Rural Development Association will place containers to two locations in order to be able to deliver the crops - collected at the micro-regional level- to the larger markets and customers in a coordinated manner.

CB_SALES:. On the main street of Štúrovo one municipality-owned building will be renovated. The VIZA centre, the House of the Region will be opened. The building will provide transportation between the city centre and the spa building. This will be a good opportunity for local producers from the region to present and sell their crops and products. In the outdoor space a local producer market can be launched. The required equipment and benches for the market will also be procured within the framework of this project. The Esztergom Environmental Culture Association will renovate its own, but outdated property. It is intended to be used as a reception point and as a place of education and training in the future. The association has been running the Kiskosár shopping community for more than ten years. As a result of the renovation and the purchase of the equipment it will be possible not only to receive the ordered products once a day (Thursday afternoon), but also to receive the goods ordered on the website on other days of the week. The Association also wants putting more emphasis on awareness raising, what can be done more effectively in the modernized space.

SALES 2.0: The functions of the country house in Svodín will be expanded. The local product market will be held here and it will also be suitable for organising events. One building will be renovated and sanitary units will be created. A new pavilion suitable for 12 people and an outdoor furnace will be built, and the main building will be reconstructed.
The local product market in Nagymaros does not have a modern sanitary unit. The old sanitary block of the cultural house will be renewed. This can then be used also by buyers of the market.
A local product market will be established in Bajót and a new community space - suitable for organising different events - will be created. A covered pavilion will also be built and equipment, including benches and tables will be procured and placed on the market.

BRAND: The Ister-Granum EGTC has a local label, which will be marketed and registered in Slovakia in the framework of this project. In addition, shelves and stands suitable for the presentation and sale of local products will be purchased and placed at markets, events and in the shops of designated contractual partners.
The Agrárinformatika Kft. develops a website and an application within the framework of the project. The main goal of that is to allow the direct contact with the producers not only for the consumers but for the actors of catering industry.

Wine_LAB: A wine laboratory will be established in the village of Mužla. The laboratory will be equipped with an analyser which will be able to identify 43 different parameters enabling the producers to label and bottle their own wines using results of the analyses performed. A weather forecast system will be set up at several points of the region. The purpose of the service is to predict disadvantageous effects of the weather changes on grape-vine growing. The property and cellar of the Szivek winery will be renovated. Hungarian winemakers’ wine samples will be collected in this renovated cellar and  transported once per week to the wine laboratory in Mužla for their analysis. Moreover, knowledge transfer workshops about wine producing will be organized in the renovated cellar. These will involve experts which will provide their knowledge how to achieve higher quality and quantity when producing wine.


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