Building partnership!


Building partnership!




TAPE title Re-discovered heritage. Employment development through cross-border networking of local producers 
Acronym IG Heritage
CCP-LB Ister-Granum EGTC
Duration 48 months
Total budget of TAPE 2 794 032,29 €

The TAPE organically builds on the previous achievements, implemented projects of the local product programme, launched by Ister-Granum EGTC in 2012, with the aims of creating a cross-border local product network, a sort of cluster, and through these the economic development of the euroregion, the improvement of labour market conditions and the strengthening of regional identity.

The action plan mainly intends to contribute to the improvement of the employment situation less favourable on the Slovak side by re-discovering local heritage through product development and sales based thereon which implies gentle land use. The specific objectives of the TAPE concern the improvement of operating conditions of local product manufacturers on the one hand, and the strengthening of cross-border integration of local product market on the other; covering the 102 settlements of the Euroregion.

Part of the projects to be implemented in the frames of the TAPE provide new services for local producers (establishment of a wine laboratory and a weather forecasting system in Mužla; building up a network of delivery points for local products along the Ipoly (Ipel’) and in Esztergom); under a project a new fruit-processing plant will be built in Ipelský Sokolec, which will collect fruit from all over the region. Besides expanding the scale of production and services offered, in order to improve the quality, two training centres, aiming to broaden the knowledge of local producers, are being established in Sikenica and Kesztölc.

Several projects aim at improving the sales conditions: on the one hand, an online marketing and sales platform is to be established, covering the whole Euroregion; on the other hand the scope of farmers’ market will be expanded on the Slovakian side (where it is much less traditional than in Hungary) with two new locations; the Štúrovo-based new market will also serve as a house displaying regional products and as a location for related events. In addition, for regional events, selling chalets of unified design and local products shelves will be manufactured and displayed in the region’s frequented places.

The last group of interventions of the TAPE is designed for regional brand building and awareness-raising: the registration of the Ister-Granum trade mark (already registered in Hungary) on the Slovakian side, as well as the establishment of a classification system – based on the strategy developed in 2015; a new shopping community will be launched in Štúrovo; in Esztergom a demonstration centre is to be built to facilitate awareness-raising; a campaign covering the whole region is planned, in order to ensure the market for the products in the long run.

As a result of the action plan, not only the market of the cross-border region is becoming unified and constantly improved, but also the development programme launched by the Ister-Granum EGTC 5 years ago achieves its purpose, improving in parallel the visibility and the identity of the regio.

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